Amalia Stott

Founding Partner + President
Minneapolis, MN

Amalia is the Founding Partner and Principal of the Stott Group. Amalia brings an unmatched vision for our client partners’ organizational and development goals, with the superpower of articulating their strategy and mission to achieve success. She brings focus to the strategic direction, operational resources, and critical tactics that are necessary for our clients to reach their objectives by optimizing their revenue and generating lasting impact.

Amalia draws upon a breadth of experience creating and leading multifaceted fund development programs on behalf of nonprofits, private sector companies, and political organizations. She has led multichannel revenue platforms—from institutional partners to high-net-worth individuals and direct response programs—has directed business development efforts to secure angel investors and corporate partnerships, and has transformed cultures of philanthropy by activating boards and volunteer leadership.

Since founding the Stott Group, Amalia has served as a valued and trusted thought partner to dozens of leaders and visionaries across the country, providing sage advice and perspectives for organizational planning, employing strategic decision-making, and ensuring that clients maximize their full potential.

Amalia is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After living in Washington, DC, and San Francisco, Amalia now resides in Minneapolis with her husband and two very energetic and strong-willed daughters. When not traveling, Amalia is planning her family’s next adventure.

Why I Do This Work
I want to make the world a better place for my children and their future. My contribution is to support social change leaders and visionaries in making a lasting impact for all of us.

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