Laura Escobar

Operations Manager
Napa, CA

Laura Escobar is the Operations Manager at the Stott Group. Laura is responsible for anticipating, meeting, and managing the team’s needs to enable them to best meet our clients’ needs. Drawing on a previous background in software implementation, marketing technology, and administration, Laura brings a breadth of experience in keeping the Stott Group running smoothly.

Before joining the Stott Group, Laura worked as a marketing software and CRM expert at a software company, as well as law firms.

Laura has two grown children and lives with her husband and dog in Napa, California. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and entertaining for family and friends, biking and exploring beautiful Napa Valley, reading, and needlepoint.

Why I Do This Work
After working in the private sector for most of my career, I wanted to shift gears and assist in making a positive impact and feel good about the work that I accomplish at the end of each day. The Stott Group gives me the opportunity to play a small role in being a part of something meaningful in our work with amazing nonprofit organizations.

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