Land O’Lakes Venture37

Affiliated with Land O’Lakes Inc., Land O’Lakes Venture37 (Venture37) is a nonprofit organization that strives to help global communities thrive through agriculture.

The Opportunity

When Venture37 (known at the time as Land O’Lakes International Development) engaged the Stott Group, it asked us to assess the opportunities available through traditional, philanthropic funding.

Strategy + Results

The Stott Group:

  • Conducted comprehensive landscape research to inform a potential expansion to a philanthropic funding model;
  • Built a new data-driven strategic funder model, answering fundamental questions, such as, how the organization should best position itself through internal capacity and how to differentiate their mission to compete in a crowded philanthropic space;
  • Surfaced qualified potential funders and recommended approaches for attracting them to Venture37; and
  • Developed a team resource model and internal foundational infrastructure to support the organization for optimization and success.

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